49°05'19"N 22°34'04"E (49.088694, 22.567778)

Krzemieniec is more often called Kremenaros, it is a special mountain in the Bieszczady Mountains - at its peak three borders meet: Polish, Slovak and Ukrainian. Following the blue trail from Ustrzyki Górne, after reaching Wielka Rawka, we descend from mountain pasture and at some point we reach the Ukrainian border posts and thus to the external border of the European Union (there are boards warning about the consequences of crossing the border). Walking along the border after about 1.5 km we reach the peak of Kremenaros.

Kremenaros is 1221 m. a.s.l. high and it is the highest point of the Bukowskie Mountains, i.e. the Slovak part of the Bieszczady Mountains. The peak is forested, flat and in the middle of a small clearing is a granite obelisk as well as border post No. 1. On the obelisk - depending on which way it is faced, are engraved emblems and the name of the country as well as the name of the peak. In 2016 Ukrainians buried a time capsule next to it.

The blue border trail and the Slovak red trail run across the peak.

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