The Hermitage of St. John of Dukla

49°30'54"N 21°40'34"E (49.515122, 21.676206)

The Hermitage of St. John of Dukla called the hermitage "na Puszczy" (in the wilderness), is located on the slopes of the Zaśpit Mountain, approximately 1.5 km from the Nowa Wieś village nearby Dukla.

 As mentioned, the later saint began his hermit's life at the "Golden Well", from where he moved to Zaśpit. After a few years of isolation, he became convinced of the rightness of his choice of religious life and, after completing his studies, became a Franciscan, and when a stricter branch was established - the Bernardines, he became its ardent supporter. He became famous not only as a great authority but also as a preacher and confessor. At the end of his life, he lost his eyesight, which is why he is often depicted as blind, on whom the rays of the sun fall.

 After his death, the cult that developed after his death concentrated mainly in Lviv, where even Polish kings visited the former hermit's tomb, resulting in John's beatification in 1733. At that time, his family Dukla, decorated by the Mniszechs with a church and a Bernardine monastery, also became a place of his particular cult. The first chapel on the Zaśpit hill was also built from the foundation of Maria Amalia Mniszech, née Bruhl. According to the legend, the chapel's construction was ordered by the aristocrat in a dream by Jan of Dukla himself. The present, third, neo-Gothic chapel was built at the beginning of the 20th century. In the 1920s, thanks to the efforts of the Bernardines from Dukla, the interior features polychromes by the Sanok painter W. Lisowski, depicting the life of Jan.

 Next to the chapel, there is a retreat house, a hermit's house, and a cave with a miraculous spring. You can get to the hermitage along the red Main Beskid Trail, running here from Chyrowa towards Lubatowa, along the green trail leading to Barwinek.

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