The war cemetery in Komańcza Letnisko

, 38-543 Komańcza
49°20'48"N 22°04'47"E (49.346708, 22.079761)

Nearby the Komańcza Letnisko’s railway station, next to the red Main Beskids Trail, there is a small cemetery from the World War. It covers the area of about 300 m2. Here are buried the soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army who as wounded  returned to their home countries by rail and died during transportation. Most of them were Hungarian Honweds. According to residents comments, there were also hidden prisoners of war who were first employed in a quarry, road works, repairing railroad tracks, etc. and then they died of exhaustion, infectious diseases, epidemics, and hunger. An unknown to this day number of people are buried here.

The cemetery is fenced with a chain-link fence, in the center there is a metal cross. Rows of soldiers’ mass graves are barely noticeable.

To get to the cemetery, turn from the car park at the railway bridge onto the bridge over the stream and after a few meters we get to the burial place. Going farther along this path we will also reach the Virgin Mary of the Forest figure.

The cemetery is situated at the “Eastern Front Trail of World War I”.

This place is on following trails

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