The Cottage in Huczwice

Huczwice is now a non-existent village, which was established in the Bals estate under Wallachian law in the mid 16th century. It had about 160 inhabitants before the World War II and was joined as a hamlet to nearby Rabe. In Huczwice was a wooden Greek Catholic Church of the Annunciation of Blessed Virgin Mary from 1850. The Orthodox church, like all other village buildings was destroyed during and after the World War II. Remnants of the foundation and fragments of crosses garlanding the temple have survived to the present. Before the war, the villages of Sukowate and Kamionka existed in the valley next to Huczwice.

At present, a forest road runs through the area of old Huczwice, following which one can get  from Rabe to Bobrowe Lake and then to Chryszczata. At the crossroads to Jeziorko and Żebrak Pass, next to the crushers is a "Huczwice" students cottage, which was converted from a wooden stable that formerly belonged to the horse park in Jabłonki. It belongs to the Academic Tourist Club of the State Higher Vocational School in Sanok and is open in summer season. The hut offers rather spartan conditions, it can accommodate about 20 people. Inside there is a kitchen and a dining room with a stove, and a bonfire place in front of the hut. Toilet outside. Water can be taken from the well.

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